Founder and Teacher

Antony Chan Founder and Teacher in Yogasana Studio.

Antony dedicates himself full-time in the journey of yoga studies and shares his passions, the value of yoga, the wealth of healthy living and lifestyle, as well as striking a balance in life. From beginner class right up to advance level, special classes for those with special conditions (spine problems), prenatal/pregnancy yoga,  Antony single handedly conducts over 15 classes per week.

Therefore, at Yogasana Studio, our students get Antony’s closest attention in guiding them throughout their yoga journey from beginner classes right up to the advanced levels. A majority of our students have been under Antony’s guidance since the establishment of Yogasana Studio in 2008. We are proud of some of our students’ advancements in their yoga practice.

Antony was a graduate in E/E Engineering with over two decades of experience in sales and marketing in the fields of IT, Healthcare and Telecommunications. He had held senior management positions when he exited from the corporate environment in 2005 to devote full-time into the practice and teaching of yoga.

Antony has been a keen sportsman and is active in activities such as martial arts, jungle trekking, mountaineering, climbing, swimming, running and fitness. Now Yoga, Yoga, Yoga and only Yoga because yoga is for all ages. It probably runs in the gene that his two other siblings are also Certified Yoga Teachers.