‘Quite a number of the students at Yogasana Studio have been with it since its founding in 2008. As one of them said, “It is not easy to find a good yoga teacher. Since I’ve found one, I’ll not be leaving anytime soon.” Give it a try and you might be one of them as well.’
—AWS Chu, author of GOD Has Finally Spoken—Soul Matters!

"I have known Antony, the founder of Yogasana Studio for most of my life. He takes pride in teaching what is authentic and beneficial to his students. If you are serious about your health, go join him now"
- --Henry Fong, Feng Shui Consultant www.henryfong.com

“I really enjoyed your class due to your high enthusiasm in yoga and strong passionate and patient in guiding the students to perform the right posture. I hope to join your teaching again soon”
---Woon Li Ling, IT System Consultant

“Thanks to Yogasana.. It provides great motivation to improve my practice:-)”
---Cynthia Lum, Senior Portfolio Manager at Public Mutual Bhd.

“I have been on and off on yoga class since and i find Antony's class very beneficial as he spent time explaining the formation of movement/asana and correcting our posture. Now i can do my headstand without feeling strain on my neck! This is the place for someone who really want to learn the correct way of practicing yoga....” May 9, 2011
---Edwin Chai, Head of Global Solutions Support at HCL AXON,
studied with Antony at Yogasana Studio

"That's bcoz got good teacher.... Good buddies that encourage each other... Make a lot of difference le"
---Lum Peck Yuee, Financial Accounting Manager at NOL Global Service Centre


Yogasana is the one & only yoga studio I ever attended. With Antony professional guidance I now can perform beginner yoga anytime I want (I love beginner yoga). About 1.5 months before I got conceived naturally I had made up my mind to practice yoga every day, eating healthy food & drink a lot of water & pat chan. With my strong determination I managed to practise beginner yoga everyday from 6am-7am before go to work and sometimes I practiced again after work in the evening on week days. 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 hours in the afternoon on most of the weekends & eating healthy food coupled with drinking a lot of water & pat chan. 
The result of them (yoga + eating healthy food + pat chan) = it really improves the chances of natural conception!